In the club

14. března 2008 v 15:29 |  ***Texty písní***

In the club

Let´s go
Now we´ve back again for a funky ride
Ain´t no stopin´ us ´cause we´ve done it right
US5´s like Dynamite
Don´t you know we´ve got it right?

Keep you pumpin hot for the appetite
Move your bodies up for some real delight
I like the way you work
Put your body close to me

I wanna rock so girl get up all
That you want I can give it
I wanna work your body up and down

Everybody in da club let´s Party
All my fellas grab a sexy shorty
All my girls lookin naughty naughty
And we all go oh oh oh

Let me take you to the crib with a Party song
All the sexy girls just come along
They´re just so down with this
Got me bumpin´ througt the night

Move your body in the air
See the Party people just everywhere

We like the way they work
Their bodies to the beat, oh yeahh

All my people join the party
Come on down and shake your body
We´ve got somethin´ for the club
So girls

Here we go just one more time

Girls go crazy for the disco
Boys are freakin´ up yo let´s go
This is how we roll the party
Let´s go
Welcome to the club

Here we go that´s right
alright let´s dance
Can you Can you Can you handle this?
Yeah US5 They Work

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